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Der Übliche Walter5GRÜN

orange blue slopers
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  • sent by Antoine👊
  • on 2nd go by pantu🥈
    rob.buse▶️🔷✴️ SPARKLING ✴️🔷 ◀️
    The moment I jump on a new set I look what line appeals to me first 💎👈🤩 But what is it that catches my eye first? 🤔 Big holds? Grade tag? Fresh new holds? Volumes? 🤷
    I have to admit that it's for me huge slopers and volumes 😎👍 I'm in love with big explosive compression moves even if it doesn't fit my climbing style 😅
    But don't we all know that the best lines are sometimes those around the gym's last corner? Set with the oldest hold set from the 80's and with bad intentions by the setters aka 'I had to squeeze in one last boulder problem into the set' 💩🤏😂
    Big holds doesn't make a good boulder problem automatically, but there are appealing to a certain point, right? 😏👉🌟🌈🌟 I hope in this boulder problem everything comes together: good looking holds, challenging moves and a bit of spicy complexity 🙏😇
    Thanks for the good setting session @fabi_pensel and @otis_wedding ❤️
    See you folks tomorrow for the new set @bertablockboulderhalle 🤸
    Cheers Robert
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  • on 2nd go by ollebolle🥈
    ollebolleSehr sehr cooler Boulder. Aber schon echt schweres Grün, allein wegen dem Aufstehen zum vorletzten Griff - das ist denke ich sehr fordernd und scary für die Leute, die bisher nur Grün klettern. Aber damit auch ein schönes Projekt.
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  • on 2nd go by bastianra🥈
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  • on 2nd go by Ape303🥈
    Ape303Vielleicht die schönste grüne die es eh gab ;)
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  • on 2nd go by Koleriker🥈
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  • flashed by robuntzel
    robuntzelWas ein schöner fordernder grüner Boulder, den man sich auch wunderbar schwieriger definieren kann.
  • flashed by ole.zelt
    ole.zeltWie üblich ist der Walter ein absolutes Highlight! Aber sicher auch ein grüner Endgegner. Blaues Schild dran und es passt, denke ich!


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