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yellow jugs, slopers, volumes & pinches
    rob.buse🏃💨 RUNNING🏃💨
    Thanks for the great setting session last Monday and Tuesday together with @anna_dularidze
    @fabi_pensel & @otis_wedding @bertablockboulderhalle 🕺 Heaps of new stuff on sector KARMA // WERKSTATT // TOKYO WALL // COMPETIZIONE 💪😎
    This one here is a #classic comp style move 🤸 Running over volumes used to be the craziest shit five years ago 🆕 Scary // Risky // Coordination demanding // Fast // Trying hard // Nowadays from a #routesetter's perspective it feels pretty lame and like warming up an old ideas, but I know as a climber learning a new move, trying hard, getting better and closer to stick it never gets boring 👌🤩
    So here it is: The intermediate runner 🏃💨 Learn it, film it and post your beta 🤳📲
    Cheers Robert