Japanese high foot soldier equipped with crimpy chicken legs #ExtraScharf
Home location: BoulderKlub
Level: ~6C+
Height: 170cm
Ape index: 5cm
    itatatataThis problem took me 4 sessions and 50+ tries to finally send. Below are my thoughts on the crux. Hopefully it helps others to send the boulder. As an extra dünn ohne kraft climber, catching the nasty left sidepull crimpy hold after those unfriendly pinchy slopers seemed impossible. Aber the reason I couldn’t grab the sidepull was all my attention was on my arms. To stick with the sidepull, I needed to really focus on shoving my left toe into the crimp hold and also kicking the big Blocz hold with my right toe until my hip could get as high as possible. Finally I still needed to hit the crimp accurately. So this move was really hard and I had a lot of fun trying with many fellow BK climbers. Thank you for setting the boulder @AKBK and I appreciate whoever gave me advices and cheers.

    P. S. Excuse my language at the end, I meant a good kind of 💩💛