freelance #routesetter from Berlin, Germany
Home location: bertablock
Level: ~7A
Height: 184cm
Ape index: 2cm
    rob.buseOne minute of focus and concentration ⏰🧘‍♂️💙🆚💜❓🤷🤔🧙‍♂️🪄💯🤸‍♂️
    • singapursling@rob.buse Oh Gott! Etwas in mir schreit ganz laut LANGZEITPROJEKT und das ist nicht auf die Dauer des Durchstiegs bezogen😅. Ich fang dann heute Abend mal an...Danke für das Video👍
    • georg_pehOookaaay... 😳 Ich fang dann mal an meine innere schleichkatze von ihrem kratzbaum zu locken. Wird sicher dauern 😅
    • tlohDer Untergriff soll also nur verwirren?
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    rob.buseViel Spaß beim Nachmachen 🤸🔥💥😉
    rob.buseKarsim on “Flying Karsim 🇳🇵” dyno fun boulder 🚀🤸 with black jugs 6C/V5/ORANGE from me at @bertablock (Brücke)
    • singapursling🤯🤩🥳!
    • Superdad🤩 geiler Dyno, freue mich schon darauf!
    • Kaaaijust did nearly the same move with the white jugs next to it last week. Looking forward to try that one, looks really great! @rob.buse had so much fun on the new set today and it was nice talking to you for a bit!
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    rob.buse🔼🔽 Gonna change something...🔼🔽
    maybe tomorrow... definitely... 📆
    It's a weird feeling for me to be super happy and satisfied in one moment and in the next the world seems to end 📈📉🔁 My inner voices kickin' in like "I should have changed that... maybe I should have turned the hold a bit more... made the foot hold worse" etc. 🔥🧠🔥 #overthinking #perfectionism // I realized that this happens always after the setting session ends and it's no surprise for me anymore 🤷 This voice comes from my strange desire to control every small detail of the set to make it somehow "good" and "even better" aka "perfect" 🏆 But there's no control over things I cannot change e.g. the way every person will climb and perceive a certain boulder problem 👍👎😍🤢 It took me years to accept that and to let go of my behavior aka the weird desire 🧘 On this orange boulder problem I'd like to change a lot 🔩 Especially now that I see this video and how I climb it 😩 But it's okay, because I know that you'll find a better way // a beta that suits your style // body type // climbing level // but please let me know about it, so I can learn from you 📲 🙏
    "Man, this guy is really into something!" 😂🔩🤏😉
    Thanks for the great setting session @fabi_pensel @makita_marv & our special guest @NoraCaterin 🧡
    Cheers Robert 🤗
    • singapursling@rob.buse I wish i could climb this one and use your beta! I felt really intimidated by these small holds after the jump. Thanks so much 🙏👏🙌! I'll try again on monday!
    • rob.buse@singapursling I'm pretty sure you'll find a different beta for this boulder problem. One that suits your climbing style. I'm also sure that there's a static beta for the beginning, because the target hold is quite close to the first footer 🦕🦒👈😉
    • singapursling@rob.buse Oh god, i hope not! My "style" is using less feet and bad technique! I love the Houdini switch you did! It's beautiful 😍
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    rob.buse🦘 Like a ... 🦘
    * what? 🤷
    This one here is from last Monday's reset of sector 'Submarino' @bertablock together w/ @m.claudbatiste ☺️👍 There are plenty of options to get into the big undercling 💯 To use the pogo-kick technique in order to generate some swing and jump felt like the most obvious and fastest solution for me 🤸💨 left start hand hold could be worse and smaller // jump distance even bigger // undercling even worse // more barn door swing // more spice 🌶️ // Nope not this time ❌
    Have a good week 🙏 Cheers Robert
    Makita_MarvHard coordination move I set @bertablock! Here’s @rob.buse with the first ascent. Also the barrier tape matches the colour.
    #bouldering #routesetting #coordination
    rob.buse💜❤️ It's Too Much ❤️💜
    ...and it's never enough 😅 F*€# this new Reel-Thing on IG (here without sound🔇) with all it's glitter effects, glamours filters and fancy music 🤯 I'm gonna ride this like a rainbow rocket and push it beyond the limits of aesthetical reality 🎆 #routesetting will never gonna be the same 🔩 Actually it will be the same, but I just like to present it with more pink heart-glitter-stuff 💖 "Rob, you're losing it here..." 😅 Anyway 🥲
    This one here is from yesterday's reset of following sectors KARMA // WERKSTATT // HINKELSTEIN @bertablockboulderhalle together w/ @m.claudbatiste @anna_dularidze & @fabi_pensel 🤗 #teamworkmakesthedreamwork 💪
    The idea for the lower sequence aka dynamic flag-move I brought with me from Dresden's bouldering palace @mandala_boulderhalle_dresden 💛 The upper part needed a small tweak after certified-tester and #strongboi @paulegreiner found what is supposed to be the 'holy grail' for all users the ultimate #betabreak 😅 Thx to @paulegreiner the last move got a bit more spicy 🌶️?🌶️🌶️?🌶️🌶️🌶️?!🥵
    • jan.kriednerHui, die muss ich mal antesten, sieht aber ziemlich tough für mich aus 😄
      Im Mandala in Dresden war ich schon 2x, die Boulder da haben mir gut gefallen 👍
    • AntoninSchöner Boulder!
    • singapurslingHerrlich @rob.buse Boulder und Video ganz nach meinem Geschmack 😍🥰🥳🌈❤🧡💛💚💙💜💓 obwohl... mit Sound fänd ich's noch besser! Aber ich krieg wohl einfach nie genug?!
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    rob.buse@Clemens on “Schneckheft 🐌” compression technic power mantle boulder 💎🔬💣🏄 with green pinches, crimps, volumes & slopers 6B+/V5/LILA from me at @bertablock (Hinkelstein)
  • rob.buse📸 / Clemens🌟‍ 174cm+5cm~7B
    rob.buse@Clemens on coordination dyno boulder 🤹🚀 with black jugs & volumes 6B+/V5/ORANGE from paulbalsuweit at @bertablock (Wave)
    • singapurslingSehr geschmeidig! Da brech ich mir doch wieder einen ab....
  • rob.buse📸 / ferdinand🌟‍
    rob.buseferdinand on “FINALE BBM W1” coordination footwork balance boulder 🤹💃🧘‍ with yellow crimps, jugs, slopers & volumes 6C+/V6/LILA from marlene, stephan & jonas at @bertablock (Enterprise)